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Ciera Graham-Jackson, CLD, PD, ECE

I started on this path 10 years ago, when I was encouraged to enter the Doula world by my Aunties (who are also Doulas), shortly after beginning my degree in Child Development. To my surprise, I fell in love with the support I was offering families. I decided to go a step further and got my certification as a Birth and Postpartum Doula from CAPPA. 

Today I specialize in prenatal support, overnight newborn care, twins support, lactation and milk production, and all things mama care. Being a Doula is the second most rewarding thing to being the mother to a wonderful 5 year old girl. 


In this modern era, I believe the need for informative and compassionate support throughout pregnancy, birth and the "fourth trimester" is increasingly evident. As a doula, my main goal is to help empower my clients to advocate for themselves and the birth they prefer. My secondary goal is to help them attain their goals by providing them with the support, guidance and information they need while establishing healthy habits. 


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Nina W, Toronto

"Ciera has been supporting me for the first 4 months of my baby’s life and I cannot begin to describe the level of comfort, compassion and care she has given us. Through my struggle with postpartum anxiety, our son’s severe infant eczema, and balancing this new challenge of having a newborn and a toddler, Ciera has gone above and beyond. She is SO good with our baby, she’s extremely experienced and her meal prep is the best most delicious thing ever. On nights when I know she is coming I know I will get much needed rest and be cared for. We love her like family and we would have her as our postpartum doula again without a doubt.​"

Alex, Vaughan

"Ciera was our night doula for the first 2 weeks after the birth of our daughter. She was very helpful in growing our confidence as new parents and helped us get onto a good feeding schedule from the get go. The extra sleep we were able to get made the first weeks of parenthood all that more enjoyable. Thanks Ciera!!"

Iris, Toronto

"Ciera was with us for two months to assist with my newborn son 5 days a week! She was helpful, attentive and kind. We loved having her here and would gladly recommend her and have her for our next baby!"

Tawana, Brampton

"Ciera was great and full of information. I had my first parental session with her and I already feel more confident. I can’t wait for my next sessions. She also made me feel very comfortable during the session so I was able to open up and talk about my experience with pregnancy thus far. I appreciate all the extra resources that she sent me. Overall I’m very pleased with Ciera’s service"

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